The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio - Terry Ryan The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio - Terry Ryan
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CONTEST #2 DEADLINE: June 16, 2001 | Winners Announced July 1, 2001!


Send as many entries as you wish, but be sure (in Evelyn's honor) to use an alias for each one!

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(Exceptions: All members and descendants of Evelyn and Leo Ryan are prohibited from entering this contest.)

Winners of Contest #1
Thanks to members of The Contest Club of Hicksville, Ohio (formerly The Affadaisies and Versatillies - see Chapter 12 of "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio") for judging the first Evelyn L. Ryan Memorial Contest!

This time the judges were impressed with the "sponsor tribute" nature of the winning entries - that is, reference to Evelyn Ryan, her daughter Terry "Tuff" Ryan and the family house at 801 Washington. Congratulations to the following!

First Prize ($100 gift certificate at local bookstore):
Prizewinner: Carole K Thomas

My mind is a jingle,
All thoughts come as rhymes.
My brain's been reprogrammed
By Evelyn's "Tuff" times.

Second Prize ($50 gift certificate at local bookstore):
Prizewinner: Karen L. Wray

Read the meter
Chat awhile
My stop at 801.
I won the prize
For knowing her
When all is said and done.

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